Pre Pre-School

Sending your child to nursery is one of the biggest steps you will have to make as a parent. It can be a very sensitive time, but nursery can have a positive and long-term impact on children’s capabilities, progress and social development. At Trinity Park Nursery we promote inclusive practice and encourage unique planning for each individual child to strengthen their own development, through working in partnership with parents. We believe that working in partnership with parents is paramount to children's learning and development. 

At Trinity Park Nursery we offer short daily sessions from 9:00am-12:00pm called “Pre-Pre-School”. These sessions provide care and learning through play for children aged two years 10 months to compulsory school age. Play at nursery is wide ranging, with a mixture of indoor and outdoor play, messy play and group activities such as making music, singing or dancing. There is sure to be something your child will love!


Pre Pre-School is a great opportunity for children to play and learn, they will also benefit from playing with the other children as enables them to gain confidence and develop their social interaction skills. Children benefit immensely from mixing with other children and will therefore be more prepared and better equipped when it comes to starting school. It is also a great way for parents to meet and get to know other parents in their local area.

We are registered with the Early Years Team in our local Health and Social Care Trust and are inspected annually by them.

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